Monday, January 19, 2015

Why do I write about snipers?

One Reason. Respect.

They do the hard and dirty jobs so we don't have to.

They risk their lives to do the impossible.

They serve.

Their training alone would make most of us whine for our


I fly my flag everyday, but wish there was some way I could
tell my heroes how highly I value their sacrifice.

Heroes like:

U.S. Navy SEAL Adam Brown,

U.S. Navy SEAL Chris Kyle,

U.S. Army Major Rusty Bradley,

U.S. Special Forces Captain Jason Amerine and the Green
Berets who fought with him in Afghanistan,

and my favorite, my husband, Bill,

U.S. Army Sergeant in Vietnam.

Heroes like all the men and women who've died for their


They were just regular people like you and me.

Just stronger than most.

So, yeah, how could I not choose these kinds of men

for my heroes?

Who would you want coming to your rescue?

A reporter?

A Congressman?

An actor?

Oh, hell no. You'd want a man tough enough

to take on the world all by himself.

(Originally posted April 2014)

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