Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Another bad boy for your reading pleasure!
Welcome Hunter
#14 In the Company of Snipers series.
He's not all together honest with Alex Stewart, his boss, or himself.
Hunter is a hardcore Marine and willing to take everyone and anyone on,
including an old flame who dumped him, Meredith Flynn.
Join them in the jungle of Brazil as they run for their lives.
Available now on Amazon.

Friday, January 27, 2017

Would you like to color outside the lines on Smoke?
Or maybe do a little finger painting?
I know I would.
The graphic on the left below will be part of Paige Tyler's
Dallas Fire & Rescue coloring book giveaway
at the RT BookLovers Convention
in Atlanta, Georgia, May 2017.
My good friend, Janet Juengling Snell,
Isn't she amazing?

Smoke, Hearts and Ashes, #1
is available on Amazon 

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Grab your excerpt of Smoke today!

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Smoke hits #3
on the Amazon Hot New Release Bestsellers List!

Check out SMOKE, my latest release and the first in the series, Hearts and Ashes

Thanks to the amazing Paige Tyler for inviting me into her Dallas Fire & Rescue Kindle World. Because of Paige, many of us authors hit Amazon's Hot New Releases Bestseller list.
Smoke, Hearts and Ashes, hit #3
I've included a link and the book description below.
Be sure to check out Paige Tyler's world too.

Book Description: 
Smoke Montoya... Ex-Navy SEAL. Wanderer.
A man can't change his past. Yet there Smoke was, forced to deal with the deaths of his estranged parents in the wake of a deadly Texas twister. He no longer belongs at their ranch, the Lost Chaparral; he's not sure he ever did. Face to face with regret for words unspoken, he plans to sell the ranch and move on. It's a solid exit strategy: Get in and get out before the Devil knows you're there.
It would've worked until that heard of Texas Longhorns showed up.

Jessie West... Super model. New York's flavor of the month.
She's only back in Texas to bury her brother Ethan and dispose of the family ranch before the press catches wind she's not at the swimsuit shoot in Cannes, France, where she should be. The only obstacle to her devious get-out-of-town-quick plan is that damned cowboy who lives down the road. The one who started a fire in her belly when she was just a kid in pigtails.
The one who's elusive as... Smoke.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

I'm so excited for you to read, King of Hearts,
the first book in my new series, Deuces Wild.
Available for preorder on Amazon
Check out this amazing intro!
Old West lawman, gambler, gunslinger, and showman, James "Wild Bill" Hickok, was murdered on August 2, 1876, while playing five-card draw at Nuttal & Mann's Saloon in Deadwood, Dakota Territory.

Jack McCall, a disgruntled gambler, approached Hickok from behind and shot him at point-blank range in the back of the head, killing him instantly. McCall was later hanged for the murder, but by then, America had lost one of its premier Wild West heroes.

Legend tells us "Wild Bill" held two pairs at the moment of his death, black aces and eights--the dead man's hand. The identity of his fifth card has been the subject of conjecture for years.

For the purpose of this series, I've chosen the Deuce of Hearts for that card-in-the-hole, in honor of a little boy named Devlin who loved to play the violin. In honor of a father's undying love for his son.

Some players think wild cards are amateurish and juvenile. Others believe the more wild cards in the game, the greater their chance of winning. I only know that one Deuce and a pair makes three of a kind, and that sounds a lot like a family to me. You be the judge.

Deuces Wild...

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Limited Offer!
Announcing Christmas Hearts ~
~ a lovely collection of Christmases spent with Alex Stewart and some of his team.
It's available for pre-order now on Amazon, or...
you can get it for free.
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when Christmas Hearts is released, you can downloaded it for free from a link you'll receive in the newsletter.

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It's my Christmas gift to you.

Merry Christmas!
Irish Winters!
Another Pre-order you won't want to miss!
King of Hearts
The 1st book in The Deuces Wild Series
Available on Amazon

Tucker Chase. FBI agent and tough-as-they-come ex-Navy SEAL, Tucker's take-all-comers attitude attracts trouble on the job and off, but he still gets the hard jobs done. He makes no bones about being the baddest ass on the planet--until his ex-wife runs off to Vietnam with his only son, Deuce.
Until the woman he won't admit to loving leaves on some humanitarian mission to who knows where.
Until he has to ask for help...

Melissa McCormack. Widow to one of America's finest USMC war heroes, Melissa is everything Tucker isn't. Sophisticated. Wealthy. Respected. Don't forget celibate since Brady,
the first love of her life, passed away. She wants Tucker as much as he wants her, but not if she ends
up like that elite rifle he toted while in the SEAL team, the weapon he could field strip in his sleep without thought or care.
The one he took for granted...