Monday, January 19, 2015

More on Monday

Another sneak peek....

“Get us out of here, Dennison,” Ember demanded, clutching the girl to her chest.

Rory pulled them both off the ground under his arm. For one brief moment, Ember wanted to stay there, tucked into the wall of muscle and heart that stood ready to die for Nima and her.

He had them inside the stone temple in no time, pressing her to the floor with his hand on her shoulder and a terse, “Sit. Stay.”

She did, huddled to the floor with Nima on her lap, still examining the child for signs of injury. Other than a scraped knee and torn tights, which she most likely received when she fell, Nima appeared to be fine. Ember expected hysterical crying, kicking, and tears. A runny nose. Anything but the deadly calm the girl exuded. She didn’t have time to worry about it.

David had joined Rory at the temple’s door, their weapons drawn. Ember tried to control her own shaking. The fear of losing the precious toddler to what sounded like a thirty-five millimeter rattled her to the core. Dying in the line of duty was part of the job. She’d been trained. It could happen.

Hell, she’d seen it happen to the man she loved. But a baby? A sweet little girl with pudgy cheeks and stubby legs? Shot down in cold blood like her daddy? The oddest sensation swept up from the soles of Ember’s feet to the top of her skull. No little girl was going to die on her watch.

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