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IRISH WINTERS grew up in a family of five girls and three boys in the middle of the rolling hills and deep woods of Wisconsin. At an age so early that she cannot remember the exact moment, her mother introduced her to the magical world of reading. Childhood stories like Snow White and Rose Red led her to the deeper study of Greek tragedies and Shakespearean plays. Walt Whitman, Hemmingway, Steinbeck and others naturally followed. Reading led to writing.

Irish spent over thirty years in Federal Service, most of them working alongside members of the United States Air Force. It was there her eyes were opened to the supreme cost of military service to families and members alike. It was also there that her love of country became more fact than fiction.

She did not put pen to paper until she experienced a difficult problem with her heart in 2011. Country singer Tim McGraw’s song, Live Like You Were Dying, hit home in a powerful way. By the time her heart was repaired, so were her priorities. Life became a treasure of too few days—days she did not want to waste. It was time to stretch her wings and fulfill her dream.

So she began to write, and her military romance series, In the Company of Snipers, came to be. Book 1, Alex, was soon followed by Mark, Zack, Harley and Connor. But Rory’s story begged to be told, as did Taylor’s, Gabe’s, Maverick’s, and Cassidy’s. Within two years she had ten unpublished stories on her desk, as well as a signed contract with a small publisher and offers from two others. It was time to fly.

Instead of taking the traditional, time-consuming route, Irish decided to take her destiny in hand and self-publish. Alex came to life on Amazon and kindle in December 2013.

Irish writes a sensual military romance full of suspense, intrigue, and heartache. Her heroes are all ex-military snipers, the kind of men and women who may be flawed but who aren’t afraid to take on the world alone and fight to the death for what they believe. She strives to take her readers on a journey that will make them laugh and cry before they’re finished. And hopefully come back for more.

Contact Irish at IrishWinters.com, IrishWinters.blogspot.com, or on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/author.irishwinters

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