Friday, January 27, 2017

Would you like to color outside the lines on Smoke?
Or maybe do a little finger painting?
I know I would.
The graphic on the left below will be part of Paige Tyler's
Dallas Fire & Rescue coloring book giveaway
at the RT BookLovers Convention
in Atlanta, Georgia, May 2017.
My good friend, Janet Juengling Snell,
Isn't she amazing?

Smoke, Hearts and Ashes, #1
is available on Amazon 

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Grab your excerpt of Smoke today!

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Smoke hits #3
on the Amazon Hot New Release Bestsellers List!

Check out SMOKE, my latest release and the first in the series, Hearts and Ashes

Thanks to the amazing Paige Tyler for inviting me into her Dallas Fire & Rescue Kindle World. Because of Paige, many of us authors hit Amazon's Hot New Releases Bestseller list.
Smoke, Hearts and Ashes, hit #3
I've included a link and the book description below.
Be sure to check out Paige Tyler's world too.

Book Description: 
Smoke Montoya... Ex-Navy SEAL. Wanderer.
A man can't change his past. Yet there Smoke was, forced to deal with the deaths of his estranged parents in the wake of a deadly Texas twister. He no longer belongs at their ranch, the Lost Chaparral; he's not sure he ever did. Face to face with regret for words unspoken, he plans to sell the ranch and move on. It's a solid exit strategy: Get in and get out before the Devil knows you're there.
It would've worked until that heard of Texas Longhorns showed up.

Jessie West... Super model. New York's flavor of the month.
She's only back in Texas to bury her brother Ethan and dispose of the family ranch before the press catches wind she's not at the swimsuit shoot in Cannes, France, where she should be. The only obstacle to her devious get-out-of-town-quick plan is that damned cowboy who lives down the road. The one who started a fire in her belly when she was just a kid in pigtails.
The one who's elusive as... Smoke.