Wednesday, October 26, 2016

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King of Hearts
The 1st book in The Deuces Wild Series
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Tucker Chase. FBI agent and tough-as-they-come ex-Navy SEAL, Tucker's take-all-comers attitude attracts trouble on the job and off, but he still gets the hard jobs done. He makes no bones about being the baddest ass on the planet--until his ex-wife runs off to Vietnam with his only son, Deuce.
Until the woman he won't admit to loving leaves on some humanitarian mission to who knows where.
Until he has to ask for help...

Melissa McCormack. Widow to one of America's finest USMC war heroes, Melissa is everything Tucker isn't. Sophisticated. Wealthy. Respected. Don't forget celibate since Brady,
the first love of her life, passed away. She wants Tucker as much as he wants her, but not if she ends
up like that elite rifle he toted while in the SEAL team, the weapon he could field strip in his sleep without thought or care.
The one he took for granted...

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