Friday, June 26, 2015

GABE, In the Company of Snipers, Book 8

Gabe is available for pre-order

Alex Stewart is dead. Murdered.
While The TEAM struggles to deal with the deepest blow they never saw coming, ex-Marine Gabe Cartwright is assigned to protect Alex’s widow, Kelsey. Already haunted by the fear that he let his boss die, he vows to protect her with his life. Nothing and no one will get in his way—until bossy Nurse Sullivan arrives to care for Kelsey. Sullivan is anti-gun, anti-dog, and seemingly anti-men.

The last damned thing he needs...

It’s her way or the highway.
Shelby Sullivan is an admitted control freak. She loves her new client, Kelsey Stewart, and intends to help her in any way possible, but has no use for her bodyguards. Not even charming Agent Cartwright will interfere with the perfect performance of her duties—until she disregards his protection measures and leads Death straight back to Kelsey.

Gabe isn’t the only one who’s haunted…

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