Wednesday, May 13, 2015

TAYLOR is going strong!

It's always a good feeling when the book you're worried, cried and labored over is well received by your fans, but when they're willing to express their appreciation with an honest review? Best thing ever! From Janett Gomez, from The Pleasure of Reading:

This is the newest installment in a wonderful series which leads us on an emotional roller coaster ranging from anger to tears in just a few sentences.
Taylor a military hero, that didn't have the best childhood,
he finds himself injured, kidnapped, and held against his will for a reason he finds hard to believe at first, but he vows to get away and take care of whoever wounded him.
Gracie has watched over Taylor for years on the request of someone else, in love with him through the years. When Taylor is injured it only seemed natural she would be the one to come to his rescue and make him well again, and maybe tell him all about his past and help him understand why he came to be where he currently is.
To say these two started off a relationship in the oddest way would be an understatement, but it was one of the sweetest coming together I've ever read.
When the truth about his past starts coming out, Taylor broke my heart. I cried a few times, and I wanted to reach in the book and hold him, crooning soft words to him, as well as reassure him time and time again that  he was worthy of love and affection. 
The patience and love from our Gracie came straight from her heart and soul, you can tell by the way the words are written that this woman has been all about this man her whole life.
There wasn't a lot of sexual content in this book and it made me love it even more. We get a real story made up of mutual respect and kindness and get to watch a match made in heaven unfold based on true feelings and not on sexual lust. That along give this author 5 solid stars.
The happily ever after we get was so well written that as soon as I finished the book I went back and re-read some of my favorite parts and tried to imagine what a young Taylor must have felt, and I cried all over again.
I recommend this book to anyone that wants just an all around awesome story of how a little boy lost gets everything he ever wanted in the end, family, friends, and a woman that loves him I'm spite of it all.
Five incredibly soulful stars to Taylor, Gracie and Ms. Winters.

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