Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Introducing Connor, Book 5

Heartache hurts so much worse than gunshot…

How many times can a man say he’s sorry?
Junior Agent Connor Maher is about to find out.
On a hot dusty operation in the middle of sun-baked Utah,
he comes face to face with his worst nightmare.
Diminutive spitfire and ex-Marine MP, Isabella Ramos,
has only three words for him: I. Hate. You.
Like he hasn’t heard that before….

Why was he the one who got to live?
Izza only took the Utah assignment because he'd be there.
It was time Connor knew the truth, only she’s not so sure
she should tell him. Grief made her bitter. Not stupid.
Besides, he’s not the man she thought she knew.
Their life and death struggle in the Western Utah Desert may prove her wrong.
Or will it?

Anticipate release date ~ November 2014

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