Sunday, August 3, 2014

Roy Days - Huge Success!

Okay, so I did not sell a gazillion books.

I did better than that! I met more heroes. Actual heroes who served and are proud of it.

I got to meet L.A. Green, a Korean War Vet who taught me some self-defense moves
right there in our author's booth. Wow.
And the poster he gave me on America? Priceless.
It's going on the wall of my office beside George Washington's Prayer at Valley Forge.

I got to meet Bill, another veteran of the Vietnam era who thought he didn't like romance. Ha.
I could see it in his wife's eyes. They've been married thirty some years.
That guys definitely knows something about romance. ;) 

I met Randall (Army) and Dystini - two names I could write a romance book about - and just might.

And so many more.

Big lesson for me: I might be in a serious relationship with more than 14 fictional characters,
but I love the real men and women who served honorably even more.
It was my privilege meeting you and shaking your hand.
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!

***Big sigh***

I had the best day….


stanalei said...

Sounds like an amazing day, Irish. What a great tribute to those you met.

Irish Winters said...

I had a ball and I learned so much! By the end of the second day, I was the privileged one.