Sunday, June 1, 2014

My man Harley is a flirt and a tease...

So here's a tease for my favorite fans…

For a split second, Judy wavered, the sight of him dripping wet and aroused more temptation than she’d anticipated. The steamy bathroom was no help. Primal attraction crackled between them. She licked her lips, her body ready and willing to comply. Harley held out his hand in invitation. Despite the emergency call from the hospital which she ought to be responding to, she’d thought of joining him in the shower right then and there.
“You going or coming, darlin’?” he’d asked, a sexy smirk tweaking his lips and the innuendo unmistakable. He looked so damn irresistible with water dripping off his chin. The brat. How could he tempt her like that when she had to be on the ER floor in less than twenty minutes? And dressed.
“Join me,” he coaxed, the deep rumble vibrating from him and through her through his fingertips. “Come on in. The water’s almost as hot as you.”
“I can’t,” she whispered even as she leaned in. Her feet might have been firmly planted on dry ground, but her common sense was already stripped bare and pounding out a happy dance.
“Sure you can.” He reached a gentle hand for the back of her neck, and took a step forward, his head lowered for a hello darlin’ kiss.

Is Harley hot or what?
Not sure? Just wait.
He'll be on Amazon in September
Then you'll know….

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