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Review of Mark (In the Company of Snipers #2) by Irish Winters
5 out of 5 Stars
Irish Winters has out done her first book, Alex! I don’t know how she makes you care so much for her characters, but she simply pulls every emotion from you and has you needing to finish the book because you can’t leave the characters stuck in limbo. There is a place where Mark and Libby, the two main characters in this book, are standing on the porch and he’s leaving to go back to Afghanistan and in reality it’s time for dinner…but you just have to let your family starve for a few more minutes because you just don’t care to eat. You NEEEEDDD to know what they say, you can’t just leave them standing there in a state of paralysis while you eat. It’s THAT kind of book! 

Mark is just your good hearted, teddy bear, needs to be loved because he had an A-hole for a dad kinda guy who takes his job in the Marine Corp seriously and his place on the TEAM is no different. Libby is a small town Wisconsin girl who fell in love with another Marine and always dreamed of having the perfect life. 2.4 kids, her working in the local hospital as a nurse, a small farm, and happy ever after. But all that changes when Mark brings her the news that her Marine isn’t coming home. 

From there Mrs. Winters takes you on an amazing adventure involving the FBI, TEAM’s covert ops, drug smuggling, shoot outs, love like you’ve never seen it unfold, and we can’t forget Alex and Kelsey from the first book! We also get to see Murphy, Harley, Ember, Mother, Zack, and the whole crew to include Smoke and Whisper the two cutest German Shepherds on the planet!! And no spoilers, but I think love is blooming for one of our other hunky men at the end!!! I can’t wait!!!

So I would definitely recommend starting with Alex because you wouldn’t want to miss his and Kelsey’s story (and how TEAM got started) and then jumping into Mark as quickly as you can!!
**Free copy given in exchange for an honest review**

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